Southern Hospitality

fine catering



  1. the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guest or visitors.
  2. the art of making one feel welcome.

Fine Catering & Dining in High Point

pineappleAt Southern Hospitality Caterers we define ourselves by how welcome and comfortable we make people feel. With over 20 years of experience as caterers and food purveyors in North Carolina, we know a few things about making people feel taken care of, starting with feeding them well and leaving them well satisfied.

As the new official caterers for the Market and President’s Clubs of the International Homes Furnishing Center (IHFC) in High Point North Carolina, we look forward to welcoming people from around the corner and around the globe. We will be offering a totally redesigned and revitalized dining experience throughout Market time. Delicious breakfast buffets, espresso bars, soup and salad bars, along with more traditional Southern fare, will be served with a flair. And a host of other new amenities will entice you to upgrade your expectations of what Market dining can be.

Our goal is to show each and every visitor to Market what Southern Hospitality feels like in the furniture market capitol of the world.

We look forward to doing the same for you!

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